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Hi there, I'm Eveline. Let me introduce myself to you. I’ve always had a heartfelt motivation to come alongside people in order to encourage and support them through major life challenges.

Throughout my varied career as a nurse, foster carer and social worker, I have genuinely enjoyed engaging with, and empowering people over many years. 

Moving along the journey in my professional counselling life over recent years, I have recognised the honour of coming alongside people in some of their most challenging moments in their lives.  The joy of seeing individuals emerge from their place of suffering to find acceptance, emotional healing and a renewed sense of wholeness is a great privilege.

Eveline Houiellebecq 



Therapeutic Counsellor (ACC)

Professional Qualifications


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (NCC 2019) 


Diploma in Social Work (DIPSW 2005)


Nursing Qualification (FA SRK 1983) 

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